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Google AdWords, Original Articles, Web Analytics / 07.07.2017

How do my mobile users from AdWords compare to the rest of my mobile users? Mobile traffic has surpassed the traffic levels that we see from desktops since 2014. During my paid search analyst career, I have seen mobile traffic Today, I will show you how to do it through segments in Google Analytics. This time, we are going to compare the Google AdWords traffic, Facebook Paid Traffic, Organic Traffic, and Referral Traffic only on the mobile device. First, go to Audience - Mobile Overview Second, go to create a custom...

Google AdWords, Original Articles, Web Analytics / 06.05.2017

Does ad position matter to your AdWords Campaign?   What is a good position in Google AdWords?   An average position of 1-8 is generally on the first page of search results, 9-16 is generally on the second page, and so on. Average positions can be between two whole numbers. For example, an average position of "1.7" means that your ad usually appears in positions 1 or 2.   Question: Do users behave differently on my site if they came there by clicking an ad on the top of a page?   Let’s find the answer...