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SQL / 07.05.2018

These exercises provide you with opportunities to understand ER diagrams more deeply. I highly recommend that you complete these exercises because I believe doing so will make it easier for you to learn to write SQL queries, but you are not required to do so to pass the course. Great tool: https://erdplus.com/#/edit-diagram/577871...

Web Analytics / 31.01.2018

The case study came from thinking with Google: Really Helpful! What happens when a consumer tech brand like HP teams up with a retailer to create a more effective search marketing campaign? In this study we take a look at the impact an HP computing search marketing campaign had on sales in the store. What we found was that they had success in reaching millions of customers who are actively seeking offers. What happens when a consumer tech brand teams up with a retailer on search marketing? A case study...

Google AdWords / 26.01.2018

The AdWords API and the Mobile world Summary Why care about mobile? This is a graph from 2015. Now is 2018. I cannot imagine how many mobile users are now greater than desktop users. Therefore, mobile is increasingly becoming the place where people are going to be viewing your website/seeing your ads and the place where they're going to click on your ads. So it is certainly worth our attention. How to get your ads on mobile devices? Campaign/ad group level bid adjustments: Tip the balance in favor of mobile Display-only campaign:...