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Data Analysis, Python / 18.04.2020

Missing values are an important part of actual data analysis. In actual production, there are always a lot of missing values. How to deal with missing values is a critical and important step. I had the bad experience of messing up a project because I don't know how to deal with the missing data in my workplace. Although the manager somehow finds the other data source to fulfill the null data, I was still be blamed for the ability to perform the analysis. With my skill set increased, I...

Data Analysis, Python / 08.04.2020

In the dataset, if an observation is unusually larger or smaller than other data in the dataset, we call it Suspected outlier. The existence of suspected outliers will have an undue influence on subsequent calculations. It is necessary to detect suspected outliers and properly handle them. A classic method of calculating the suspected outliers in a data set is the Tukey method. The method first calculates the quartile (Q1) and the quartile (Q3) of the data set to calculate the interquartile range (IQR), which is then less thanQ1 -...